Agile Coach Camp

Melbourne 16 March 2019

The Agile Coach Camp movement hosts “un-conferences” around the world to provide a time and space for Agile Coaches, Team Members, Leaders, Guerrilla Change Agents, XP Advocates, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and anyone interested in conversations about Agile to get together in a collective learning experience.
Coach Camps have been held in Melbourne and Sydney for the past 6 years, and from 2018 we created the same collegiate atmosphere for the very first coach camp in Perth.
As always, we will adhere to our basic principles:
    • the event is cost neutral

      This is a non-profit event and every ticket sale pays insurance, food, drinks, and stationary for the attendees on the day.

    • a limit of 50 attendees

      It probably seems harsh, but having an attendance constraint enables a small, intimate event where attendees can connect and forge long term associations, so get your tickets quick!

  • a space for everyone to learn from one another

    Regardless of your experience, everyone can learn and there’s ALWAYS something new to learn.

  • an Open Space Technology format

    The Agile Coach Camps around the world adopt the Open Space Technology approach for “un-conferences” as a means to enable you, the participants, to determine the topics that you are most passionate about and want to explore further with your peers.

  • the event is on a Saturday

    The current attendees' demographic suggests that a significant portion of them are contractors and so placing the event on a Saturday will hopefully encourage more of their attendance.

  • childcare available (Melbourne Only)

    That's right, we're going to provide childcare during the unconference. We always had kids at this unconference, from organisers as well as participants, but we never made a big deal out of it - until we got feedback from a parent that, if they had known that they could've brought their kid, they would've attended as well. From 2018 onwards, there will be childcare available during ACCAU Melbourne. If you're interested in this service, please get a ticket, tell us how many kids you are going to bring and how old they are, and we then get in contact with you to talk about details.

So bring your best ideas, unleash your enthusiasm and lets discover how we can be even better coaches.
The Agile Coach Camp Australia Team (for Perth: Jeanne Armstrong, Dave Bales --- for Melbourne: Chris Chan, Bernd Schiffer --- for Sydney: Dave Bales, Stuart Bargon)

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